"No hablo español"- A sweet escape to Gran Canaria...

Updated: Apr 25, 2021

Alright I’m a little bit behind with this post, but I had some serious business going on (an euphemism for homework, boring lectures and work). I spent 6 wonderful nights in Gran Canaria to refuel my body with salty water and my heartbeat with pumping waves.

Sunset Las Canteras

I’ve been to Gran Canaria already last Christmas and enjoyed the time there so much. I stayed both times with Mojosurf (mojosurf.es), a surf school and camp, in Las Palmas, right in front of the surf spot la Cicer. Since I didn’t have that many days and also knew that, apart from surfing, I probably won't be able to travel and discover new places, but have to study and prepare for uni, I preferred to go to a place that was already familiar to me and where I knew more or less what to expect. (Although usually I always prefer going on a new adventure). It felt really nice to be back in the Mediterranean culture. The smell of pizza, pasta, red wine, and Tapas on the small ocean boulevard and the romantic alleys, which are typical for Mediterranean cities, provide such a wonderful atmosphere, that you immediately fall in love with “la cultura española”...

The Surf

I have to admit, I’ve basically stayed more or less at one spot because I didn’t really have a chance to explore other breaks, so my experience is really vague.

Surfer girl at Cicer, Gran Canaria.
Surf's up in Las Palmas.

La Cicer is an exposed beach break, really crowded with beginners (because there are many surf schools). As a typical beach break, the waves are quite steep, fast, and often closing out. After surfing mainly reefbreaks, it’s great for me though to improve my wave selection and ocean knowledge. Besides that, I also enjoy practicing my shortboard skills there, as the waves are more powerful and steeper. And because of the sand bottom, you don’t need to worry. ;)

The beginners are mainly on soft boards so usually it is way safer than a beginner break in Bali where everyone is crashing with hardtop boards. Las Palmas has also plenty of surf schools and shops to rent gear.

Good to know: 

Gran Canaria is the biggest Canary Island (see its name) and actually not the best for surfing. (at least that’s what I’ve heard… Fuerteventura is supposed to be way better); but it offers really cheap flights from Germany and the surf is good enough for me (honestly there is no bad surf unless there's no surf at all). I guess Gran Canaria offers just everything for everyone. If you like going out and partying, it’s the island to go to. If you prefer ocean tranquility and an interesting landscape with sandy mountains, it’s also an interesting destination. Although there's a lot of parties and noise in Las Palmas, you can also just relax in a nice restaurant with ocean views.

The language barrier: Generally speaking, it is not easy to get around with English there. And I actually hate finding myself in a situation where I want the locals to speak English as I personally think you, as a foreigner, should adjust and make an effort  ;) I chose Italian and French at school instead of Spanish. Surely, I do understand some words but it’s impossible to follow a whole conversation or say something. So basically my Spanish is based on Hola, Gracias, and No hablo Espanol.

However, I've learned the most important thing which is "buenas ondas" (good waves). ;) And for my next trip to Gran Canaria, I hopefully will be able to say slightly more.

Talk to you soon


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